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We have all seen the signs “We buy houses” with a phone number, I always just assumed it was some pennies on the dollar scam of some kind. Then 2024 happened, my parents died within weeks of each other followed by the trauma of me needing to adult my way through every thing my parents had owned in 8 decades, daunting to say the least. I called realtors, you know the type, pictures on billboards, bench seats, they said they could help and then disappeared never to be heard from again, even the local auction house said they were the solution to my nightmares, but when I contacted them repeatedly for the contract, the printer was always out of ink for some reason… Back to that sign on a fence post, well they couldn’t be worse than people who don’t return calls or have ink cartridge issues I thought…. I made the call The following day people showed up, I told them my story, the lack of grieving time I’d had and the situation I was facing, we came to a quick and simple agreement and we off to the races… They called to check on my emotional state regularly, baby stepping me through this confusing and process, introducing new team members when needed to solve problems and I felt like we were working as a family to deal with the sale… Timelines slip, we bounced around a little but I was assured we were on the right road and timeline. I trusted them and I felt like they cared, it wasn’t just another business transaction to these folks, and for that I’ll forever be grateful to them…. I will never look with distain at those “I buy houses” signs again, they are my first choice in reality solutions from now on… Reno Area Homebuyers will solve your home selling in a way that will leave you feeling like a winner, I couldn’t be more satisfied…. These folks take big tasks and make them seem effortless, and when your sale is over you will be surprised by the little extras you weren’t expecting….

Chuck Farnham May 27, 2024

My POC agent is awesome. He hung in there with me thru the few road blocks, & enabled me to take care of business for my love one. I will use them again, and will love to refer them to anyone who may need their service.

Laury Rhinehart May 18, 2024

Best experience I've had in selling a home...communication with them was awesome and they made the process so easy...thank you, Reno Home Buyers


I highly recommend these home buyers. They answered all my questions, everyone was very respectful. They made the process of selling my property so easy. They kept me updated throughout the whole process.

Karen Barker April 29, 2024

The sale process was easy. Everyone was friendly and helpful throughout the process.

Angela DeFord April 27, 2024

The sale of my home was made so easy and fast. The representatives were friendly, professional and very helpful and patient. They gave me a very fair offer on my house. I cannot believe how easy they made this process for me! I highly recommend Reno Area Home Buyers!

Steve Hanneman April 26, 2024

I have been very with the reno area home buyers service and how it has benefitted me.

Shar Ohlson April 25, 2024

Such a breath of fresh air! Straight forward professionals AND honest. Toured our home, explained their process and made an all cash offer. Zero fees. We accepted the offer. Sales contract and entire process went exactly as explained up front. Closed on time, actually a few days early at our request. Title Company performed as expected. Cash deposited quickly, as in that night!!! NO fees of any sort. The offer made up front, is exactly what we received in the bank. Reno Area Home Buyers are S U P E R B! Oh yea. Zero pressure of any sort. Zero gimmicks. Straight forward offer and sales process. Win - Win.

Brad Letts April 24, 2024

The team was amazing and very helpful.

Julie Dillman March 27, 2024

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Traditional Process

  • Pay 6% Plus Other Fees

  • Unpredictable Offers

  • Cleanup and Repair Stress

  • Showings and Open Houses

  • Takes Long to Sell, Often 2-3+ Months