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Get answers to your questions about the sale of your a home.

It’s common to have a few questions, and that’s perfectly fine! We’ve compiled a quick list of frequently asked questions along with our responses. If you find that you still have a question, please feel free to reach out to us (or give us a call). We are more than happy to provide the answers you need.

Can Reno Area Home Buyers purchase my property even if substantial repairs are needed?2024-01-24T12:30:59-07:00

Indeed, we purchase houses in Northern Nevada regardless of their condition, even those needing significant repairs. This enables you to sell your house as-is, eliminating the necessity for any upgrades or improvements.

Does Reno Area Home Buyers provide reasonable offers for properties in Reno?2024-01-24T12:28:33-07:00

Yes! Reno Area Home Buyers provides a “white-glove” seller experience that is all about exceeding seller expecations. Reno Area Home Buyers purchases properties in the midst of challenging circumstances, poor condition, and on very quick timelines. The offer price is determined by financial models that insure Reno Area Home Buyers can still make an acceptable profit on the property while delivering a fair sales price, conveience, ease, and quick timelines for our sellers. Reno Area Home Buyers always strives for win-win solutions, and will provide alternative strategies to sell your property if on the acquisition appointment we agree our offer isn’t a good fit. Remember, our no-obligation pricing commitment means you are free to decline our offer if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

What method does Reno Area Home Buyers use to determine the offer price for my Reno property?2024-01-24T12:49:30-07:00

Our process is characterized by transparency, something we take great pride in. Elements like the location of the property, necessary repairs, its present state, and the selling prices of comparable properties nearby are all inputs to our financial model. This model then generates a qualified, consistent offer based on these factors. Our goal is always to determine a price that is fair and advantageous to both parties.

Are any commissions or fees involved with the services offered?2024-01-24T12:47:58-07:00

Our unique approach means that there are no commissions and no fees when you sell a home in Northern Nevada to Reno Area Home Buyers. We will present you with a fast and all cash offer, and if you agree, we will purchase your home, often we cover all closing costs for sellers.

In what ways does Reno Area Home Buyers differ from conventional real estate agents in Reno?2024-01-24T12:34:33-07:00

In Northern Nevada, real estate agents list properties, typically spending 6-12 months to secure a buyer and charging a 3-6% commission on the sale price. This service is beneficial for those who have the luxury of time and can manage commission fees. In contrast, our method is different: We aren’t agents but home buyers. We make decisions, often within days or even on the same day, to buy houses in Northern Nevada directly. Investing our funds, we undertake the purchase, repair, and marketing of these homes, bearing all the risk and responsibility associated with the property.

After I submit my details to Reno Area Home Buyers, is there an obligation to commit?2024-01-24T12:38:03-07:00

Once you give us some details about your property, there’s no obligation on your part. We’ll examine the information and may arrange a call to understand more, following which we’ll give you a fair all-cash offer. The choice to sell your house to us is completely yours; we won’t exert any pressure or hassle you. Our primary aim is for you to make the decision that suits your situation best.

What kind of properties does Reno Area Home Buyers acquire?2024-01-24T12:40:38-07:00

We purchase single family homes, condos, townhomes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, multi-family buildings from duplexes all the way up to apartments buildings, and even land!

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The Reno Area Home Buyers Solution

Learn why it’s better to sell your home with Reno Area Home Buyers.

Reno Area Home Buyers

  • Zero Fees to Sell Your House

  • Highest Off-Market Price

  • Sell As-Is. No Cleanup. No Repairs.

  • Close Lightning Fast
  • No Closing Costs

Traditional Process

  • Pay 6% Plus Other Fees

  • Unpredictable Offers

  • Cleanup and Repair Stress

  • Showings and Open Houses

  • Takes Long to Sell, Often 2-3+ Months