The 11 Best Reno Nevada Cash Home Buyers and Home Buying Companies

Despite being a relatively small city, Reno is home to numerous home buyers. With so many options, you may fall victim to paralysis by analysis. Worse yet, you might end up with someone who may scam you out of your Reno property.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll share the 11 best Reno cash home buyers. By the end of this article, you’ll be better informed about your options.

Read on to learn more about Reno’s eleven best cash home buyers.

What Are Cash Home Buyers and What Do They Do?

Reno cash home buyers do precisely what the name suggests — they purchase homes with cash.

Because of their cash-based transactions, home selling becomes faster. Home sellers who require fast cash can maximize their profits since they sell directly to the company.

Sellers are also free from the obligation to renovate or repair their homes since Reno cash home buyers like us often buy houses in any condition.

In other words, home sellers won’t have to pay any realtor commission fees, repair expenses, and closing costs — which can easily eat into a property’s sale value.

Who Do They Help and Why?

Cash home buyers in Reno help sellers because of how mutually beneficial a cash sale is.

On the company’s part, the sale results in one more property being added to its housing inventory. Homes purchased by a company are either resold or renovated, especially if the home was purchased with damage.

The seller, in turn, benefits from a quick sale of their home. Since the homeowner sells directly to the cash buyer, there are no fees and expenses for repairs, realtor commissions, or closing costs.

What Are the Top 11 Reno, Nevada Cash Home Buyers and Companies?

Without further ado, here are the top 11 Reno cash home buyers and companies:

Reno Area Home Buyers: 

  • Years in Business: Since 2019
  • Major Cities Served: Reno and other cities in Northern Nevada
  • Founders: Wes Pittman and Alex Ficco
  • Unique: Zero fees, highest off-market price, lightning-fast closing
  • Contact: (775) 600-4506, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 4.8 Stars

Sierra Housing Solutions: 

  • Years in Business: 10 Years
  • Major Cities Served: Reno, Ferley, Dayton, Sparks, Carson City, Northern Nevada, and Lake Tahoe
  • Founders: Joel Janson
  • Unique: Local and family-owned business, fast cash offers
  • Contact: (775) 455-4500, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 5.0 Stars (out of 1 review)

Simple Sale (Homelight): 

  • Years in Business: Over 12 Years
  • Major Cities Served: Reno and nationwide
  • Founders: Drew Uher (CEO)
  • Unique: Among the offerings are modern title and escrow services and a platform for matching real estate agencies with buyers and sellers.
  • Contact: 844-488-8455, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 3.2 Stars

Sierra Buys

  • Years in Business: Over 10 Years
  • Major Cities Served: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Northern Nevada, and Southern Lake Tahoe
  • Founders: Joel Janson
  • Unique: Buys homes in any condition and provides 24-hour cash offers and fast home sale closings in Reno and nearby areas.
  • Contact: (775) 455-4500, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 4.9 Stars

Sierra Homebuyers

  • Years in Business: More than ten years
  • Major Cities Served: Reno, Various Areas in Nevada
  • Founders: Joel Janson
  • Unique: Buys homes in any condition from homeowners facing various life circumstances.
  • Contact: (775) 455-4500, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 4.9 Stars

S&S Homes

  • Years in Business: More than a decade and the founder has been in real estate since 2004
  • Major Cities Served: Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Fernley
  • Founders: Scott Durham
  • Unique Qualities: Fast cash offers generated in minutes
  • Contact: +1 775-351-9361, Website, Contact Us Page 
  • Average Google Reviews: 5.0 Stars 

Priority Home Buyers

  • Years in Business: In Business Since 2007
  • Major Cities Served: Reno, Sun Valley, and Verdi
  • Founders: Aleks Grigoriev
  • Unique Qualities: Easy closing process, which can take as little as seven days
  • Contact: 775-567-3999, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 4.1 Stars

HomeVestors of Reno

  • Years in Business: Over two decades
  • Major Cities Served: Reno
  • Founders: Ken D’Angelo and John Hayes
  • Unique Qualities: One of the longest-running home-buying companies in Nevada and the country
  • Contact: 866-200-6475, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 4.4 stars

We Buy Ugly Houses Reno

  • Years in Business: Over two decades
  • Major Cities Served: Reno
  • Founders: Ken D’Angelo
  • Unique Qualities: Fast in-person selling process
  • Contact: 866-200-6475, Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 4.6 Stars

We Buy Houses: 

  • Years in Business: 23 years
  • Major Cities Served: Reno and Northern Nevada
  • Founders: Ryan Fey
  • Unique Qualities: In-person home viewing and no-obligation cash offer
  • Contact: (775) 405-6446, Website, Contact Us Page, email
  • Average Google Reviews: (none found)

Northern Nevada Home Buyers

  • Years in Business: Around 10
  • Major Cities Served: Reno and Northern Nevada
  • Founders: Andy Chichester
  • Unique Qualities: All-cash transactions and as-is sales
  • Contact: (775)382-1075,Website, Contact Us Page
  • Average Google Reviews: 5.0 Stars

Reno Area Home Buyers

We at Reno Area Home Buyers are famous for offering zero fees, the highest off-market prices, and lightning-fast closings. These make us a top choice for selling your house quickly.

Although founded in 2019, we’ve already purchased hundreds of properties. Our team consists of five dedicated members, including founders Wes Pittman and Alex Ficco. You can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

While the majority of our reviews are glowing five-star testimonials, there is a single one-star review. However, this came from a reviewer who listed a property on the company’s website and failed to reach out or follow up.

We’ve also earned a less-than-perfect four-star review, but it was still positive overall.

Sierra Housing Solutions

Sierra Housing Solutions is a local, family-owned business renowned for fast cash offers. The company has purchased hundreds of homes in Reno, demonstrating its expertise and commitment to the community. Founder Joel Janson leads the small team with fewer than ten members, ensuring personalized service. Although the business doesn’t have social media, it can be easily contacted online or by phone.

With only one Google review, there are no negative reviews, but you should still do further research to ensure Sierra Housing Solutions is the right fit for your home-selling needs.

Simple Sale (Homelight)

Simple Sale, a solution from HomeLight, offers an online platform where Reno homeowners can quickly request cash offers. Staffed by hundreds of employees, Simple Sale can provide fast cash offers for many properties. You can find the business on Instagram and Facebook.

While the platform promises a no-obligation, all-cash offer within 24 hours, some users have reported unethical and spam-like email practices on Yelp. Complaints include persistent spam and accusations of data harvesting.

Sierra Buys

Sierra Buys is also one of several Reno cash home buyers owned by Joel Janson. It specializes in purchasing homes in any condition, offering 24-hour cash offers and fast home sale closings in Reno and nearby areas. The company has bought hundreds of homes even with a team of fewer than ten members. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Despite one three-star Google review (which is still positive), there aren’t any glaring negative comments. Hence, the company could be a trustworthy option if you’re looking for a swift transaction.

Sierra Homebuyers

Also owned, founded, and led by Joel Janson, Sierra Homebuyers purchases homes in any condition from homeowners facing various life circumstances. The company is also known for its 10-year record of buying hundreds of properties in Reno and nearby areas like Carson City and Cold Springs. The team consists of four dedicated members, and you can reach them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

There has only been one negative Google review highlighting a complex dispute involving a lien on a property.

The company’s owner has responded by explaining that they had a legally binding contract and that the homeowner’s actions led to a pending lawsuit. He also detailed the extensive efforts his team made to resolve the issues. Despite this negative review, their overall track record remains strong.

S&S Homes

S&S Homes is another relatively small Reno cash home buyer with a team consisting of less than ten employees. The company generates fast cash offers in minutes and has purchased hundreds of properties across Northern Nevada, including houses, condos, townhomes, mobile homes, manufactured homes, multi-family properties, and vacant land. Despite not having any social media, the company is within your reach online or by phone.

Although all company reviews have been positive, only a handful exist. This means you’ll still have to research to find out if the company meets your standards.

Priority Home Buyers

Priority Home Buyers stands out for its easy closing process, which can be finished in as little as seven days. As of 2023, the company has sold 347 homes, and with a team of six members, they offer personalized attention to each client. Connect with them on Facebook.

There are only two five-star reviews and no negative reviews available. The limited number of reviews suggests that you should conduct additional research to ensure the company fits your needs.


HomeVestors is one of the oldest home-buying companies, and it has sold thousands of homes nationwide since 1996. With hundreds of employees across 48 states, HomeVestors offers extensive experience and a large team to assist sellers. You can learn more about the company on its LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

While HomeVestors enjoys overwhelming five-star reviews on Google, some customers have reported persistent unsolicited communications and pressure to make home repairs before the sale, highlighting areas for improvement in their customer relations.

We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses boasts a fast in-person selling process and has purchased 140,000 houses over 20 years. With a team spanning multiple states, including Nevada, they offer extensive coverage and experience and are reachable online and on Facebook.

While the company has some one and two-star reviews on Google with no comments, negative feedback on platforms like Yelp suggests discrepancies in offered values and dissatisfaction with the inspection process.

We Buy Houses Reno

We Buy Houses distinguishes itself with in-person home viewings and no-obligation cash offers. Having sold nearly 1000 homes in Reno, Sparks, Sun Valley, and Wadsworth over 23 years, the company offers extensive experience in the local market — even with a small team of less than ten members.

Because no ratings or reviews are available, you should meet the company in person or conduct further research to ensure a satisfactory experience. Learn more about the company on Facebook.

Northern Nevada Home Buyers

Northern Nevada Home Buyers offers all-cash transactions and as-is sales, offering convenience and simplicity to sellers. While the number of homes sold is not specified, the business has likely sold hundreds in Reno over its 10+ years in operation.

With a small team of less than ten members, they provide personalized service to ensure a smooth selling process. You can find the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While there are no negative reviews available on Google and other directories, you should still look into the company or pay a visit to see if it matches your needs.

Key Takeaway: Reno Area Home Buyers Is the Ideal Solution

All of the Reno cash home buyers mentioned here can buy your home.

However, with Reno Area Home Buyers, you get fair and top off-market value for your home. Besides that, you’re in for a positive buying experience backed by a track record of visible reviews.

Sell It to Us for Cash Quickly

No matter what type of property you have or what condition it’s in, we’ll buy it from you for a value you can be happy with.

Sell your Reno property to us for cash. Reach out now or get a free cash offer.

Read Our Reviews

We understand if you’re not looking forward to doing detective work on some of the companies we’ve mentioned. That’s why we pride ourselves on our numerous and visible five-star reviews.

Check out our reviews and get a taste of why Reno Area Home Buyers is the ideal solution when selling your home to a reputable cash buyer.


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